• Added export function to .csv file on the admin screen
  • Export the selection, category, owner, and/or tag on your admin view 


  • Various interface improvements
  • Added Whatsapp link in the contacts
  • Fullscreen mode added to Openstreetmap maps

JSW CRM 4.0.6

  • Choose between OpenstreetMap or Google maps for creating locations & maps
  • You can set this in the configuration screen
  • Interface screen has now tabs for easier creating & managing items
  • Framework update
  • Notify plugin available

JSW CRM 3.5.10

  • Update Framework version (3.4.15)
  • Diverse language improvements

JSW CRM 3.5.9

  • Update Framework (3.4.12)

JSW CRM 3.5.9

  • Update 

JSW CRM 3.5.8

  • Update

JSW CRM 3.5.7


Last modified on Sunday, 19 June 2022 14:04

JSW Route 4.0.3

  • Interface improvements
  • Full screen mode for the Module map
  • New version of the Framework

JSW Route 3.5.10

  • Update Framework version (3.4.15)
  • Improvements language files
  • You can now use ordering as order of the routepoints
    Set the ordering in the backend for your routepoints

JSW Route 3.5.9

  • Initial version of the component
Last modified on Wednesday, 20 April 2022 08:27


  • Choose between Google maps or Openstreetmap for the locationmaps
  • Can be configured in the settings screen of JSW Event
  • Interface for adding/editing events has tabs & some logic messages
  • New Eventsmap Module
  • Whatsapp link in the contacts for registering to a event

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