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Information how to use JSW CRM in Joomla 3 CMS.

JSW CRM can manage:

  • Files (even very large ones)
  • Contacts & relations
  • Video's
  • Soundfiles

All in 1 tool...
Items in JSW CRM can also be managed from the Frontend of the website.


Category management Populär

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Category management

Create a new category.

Set who can view and view this category by adjusting any permissions.

By default, the rights of a new category are on public.

Depending on the purpose, this can be adjusted to eg registered, a specific group of users or eg only administrators.

Permissions can optionally be set so that only a specific group can consult them and the rest cannot, or from a certain user level.

Items that are added to a category automatically receive the rights of the category and can therefore be viewed by the group of users that is set.

In short, items inherit the rights of the category by default.

Nested categories
In JSW CRM you can make nested categories if you need them to make nested layouts.


Creating Menuitems JSW CRM Populär

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Creating Menuitems JSW CRM

There are a lot of ways to create views of the JSW CRM content on your site.

  • view of items in 1 category
  • view of items from more than 1 category
  • View of items tagged with..
  • Table views
  • & lots more

The way this works is pretty straight forward.
Just create a new menitem to suit your needs..

Extra features Populär

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Extra features

JSW CRM has a lot of extra features

  • Upload multiple files in one go
  • Set the height/format of the Google maps 
  • Set what pieces of a item you want to see on a page
  • Set a link to a category or specific item on a article page by the plugin
  • Extended user rights system
  • Copy items to another category
  • Move items to another category
  • Batch actions


Install JSW CRM Populär

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Install JSW CRM

Installing JSW CRM is simple.

Select the zip file you got and downloaded and click install.

First the Framework is installed and then JSW CRM.

Click on go to JSW CRM when this is done.

Install manually
To install JSW CRM manually, extract the zip file and upload all files to the tmp folder on the server.

Select install from folder and install JSW CRM


Items management Populär

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Items management

Create new item

Here you can create new items in JSW CRM

  • Upload a new file or image
  • Create a new contactitem with address
  • Create  a new videoitem by uploading a videofile or insert a Youtub or Vimeo url
  • Create a soundfile by uploading a (mp3) file
  • Set the owner of the file or item
  • Set/create tag(s) for the item

Video & soundfiles automatically get a player view.



Settings JSW CRM Populär

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Settings JSW CRM

On the settings screen you can:

  • Set JSW CRM to your needs
  • Set the Google maps code
  • Set the standard map on the server JSW CRM stores the files
  • Set if JSW CRM should make new categories & create new items for uploaded files directly to the JSW CRM map on the server
  • Set the allowed file extensions JSW CRM accepts
  • Set the rights of the frontend users for managing his documents, categories & tags

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