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JSW CRM Helpfiles


Folder JSW CRM 4


Helpfiles made with the first JSW CRM version 4.

This Wiki is made with this new version.

JSW CRM is a powerful tool for managing lots of stuff  on a Joomla! 3 & 4 website

  • Text with or without images or other things (see list below)
  • Contacts
  • All kinds of Documents
  • Images
  • Video's
  • MP 3 files
  • Locations
  • Even all sorts of Routes
  • All items can be connected to a location if needed


JSW CRM is available in 25 languages.

You can adjust them if needed with the Joomla! Language-overrides system front end & back end.





Folder JSW CRM Items

The following items can be handled with JSW CRM

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Contacts
  • Locations
  • Video's
  • MP3 files
  • Cloud documents
  • Website addresses

Folder JSW CRM Tags

About the Tag system in JSW CRM

Folder JSW CRM Markers

For the locations on a map, JSW CRM has a build in Markersystem.

You can manage the available markers in JSW CRM with the marker interface.

Because of this you have total freedom which kind of markers you want to use in your application.

A nice location for making & creating a marker set is  

Folder JSW CRM Settings

On the settings screen you can configure how JSW CRM behaves.


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